About Us

W O M E N   N  E E D   I N S P I R A T I O N

S.A.S.S.Y. is the acronym for Spiritually Active Saved Sound Young Women. Sassy is a ministry for women which goes beyond the four walls of the church. Everyone’s journey is different, and we are here to support you on yours.

Our Mission

We meet each individual where they are and encourage them to become who they aspire to be.

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Our Story

Sassy is not a cute name it is a lifestyle and a choice. We have all experienced hardships, heartbreak, obstacles, and low moments, but how we get through is up to us. At the age of 23, the doctors told my parents I had a 50% chance of living. I was fighting for my life and so was my newborn son, I had accepted the fact that I was going to die. A group of women visited me while I was in SICU and they prayed for me; one of the ladies looked at me and said “you will live and not die”. Here we are over 20 years later, and I am living! That was the day Sassy was planted within me, my life improved because I made the choice to become a Spiritually Active Saved Sound Young woman.

Our team is a group of women who build, encourage, and uplift other women. We are a group of women who understand our been-through was necessary for our breakthrough. We are our sister's keeper!

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