Sassy Restoration Academy

S.A.S.S.Y Restoration Academy is designed to walk women through each step of the acronym (S.A.S.S.Y). The Life Application Program will meet women where they are and encourage them to become who they aspire to be. This is a 5-month course that is offered to individuals or in a group setting. The individual or group will meet with a S.A.S.S.Y Life Application Specialist once a week, for 1-hour until completion of the program. Upon completion of the program the participant will receive a Certificate of Completion, S.A.S.S.Y. bag, and much more.

Young Woman with Folded Arms

Overview of our acronym:

Spiritual(ly) - Deals with the matters of the heart, power of the mind, and understanding who you are.

Active - Teaches the individual how to overcome past and present issues, recognize triggers, and how to move forward.

Saved - Strengthens the individual's character, self-respect, and self-awareness.


Sound - Helps the individual identify their limits, create boundaries, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

"You"ng - This is the final phase of the Life Application Program where we embrace the improved "you".

Sassy Life Application classes start October 24, 2022. To purchase your book & register for class, use the purple button  below.

Registration ends October 15th


The Life Application book is excellent for group study.  Purchase your copy using the blue button below.