Dear Pastor Tressa Johnson,

I want you to know how you have truly been a tremendous blessing in a time in my life when I was going through challenges in both my personal life and relationship. Although we are family, God did not allow us to witness each other’s journey and struggles. One day I happen to see an invite on my timeline to join you on your one Sassy Saturday. I accepted the invite without your knowledge and I decided to show up for myself. That day I received more than I thought I would.

You are truly a purpose pusher!

Warm regards,

Naomi Davis

There was a time in my life when life's adversity's tried to steal my soul. We know that everyone goes through changes but as a mother, typically the load falls on you and we are expected to push beyond failure. Being welcomed into Sassy provides a safe space to share with other women who can uplift one nother and offer support. All women can rise but it's awesome to know we can do so together!

Ulrika B.

SASSY is an awesome Ministry to be a part of. I have been with SASSY from the beginning and I am glad that I joined years ago. Being a part of SASSY has opened me up to see us as women coming together from all different walks of life and we feed off of each.  We are able to come together in a - NO JUDGMENT ZONE!  Being able to not be judged is a great thing because people will judge you without knowing! Pastor Johnson is a great leader and has a listening ear. I am glad that God gave Pastor Johnson this vision for SASSY! Come be a part of an awesome ministry!

Deshonda J.