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Motivator, Speaker, Leader, Trainer, Intercessor, Mentor, and Incubator of Women’s Ministry. Tressa Johnson has proven to be a woman for all occasions.
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Tressa Johnson has proven to be a woman for all occasions. With over thirty years of Christian ministry experience she has been anointed by God to build women. As a PK she learned how to honor Senior Leadership. As a Pastor’s Wife she learned how to encourage the women of the church. As a Senior Pastor she learned the art of loving and growing God’s people. As a woman she has experienced healing and restoration from a loss of a child, being a single mom, divorce and betrayal. Yet, her heart is pure and filled with forgiveness. She took every sorrow and allowed the Lord to build and teach her how to live again.


In 2013 she founded S.A.S.S.Y. (Spiritually Active Saved Sound Young Women) where she empowers women to restore and honor their own lives through self-love, resilience and biblical education. She has birthed dozens of spiritual daughters who have overcome their past struggles and addictions. She offers a discipleship course through S.A.S.S.Y to assist women with healing, growth and development. Tressa has also served in ministry as a Choir Director, Sunday School Teacher, Church Administrator and Women Ministry Group Leader. These positions coupled with her business acumen have poised her as a sought after Speaker for women. Her quiet demeanor is the total opposite of her speaking delivery. The word of God flows like honey from her lips delivering wisdom to the listener. She literally captivates her audience with her profound analogies and biblical examples that makes you apply the lessons she is sharing.


Tressa has two sons. Dealing with the loss of her first son taught her how to fight depression, grief and soul pain. Raising her second son as a single mom has given her real life experience that helps her to relate to motherhood challenges and joys. She now teaches others how to navigate the unstable waters of life with the goal of overcoming. Presently, she serves as an Application Specialist in the education realm. She is a certified Professional Life Coach, Licensed Cosmetologist, and a certified Medical Assistant. Tressa exists to help young women push past life issues, love themselves and to try again. Finally, all of this means nothing if her son Tre cannot see what she teaches to others exemplified in their relationship and home.

TJ-Website background.jpg
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