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This website is dedicated to the encouragement of women. A place where you can get inspiring, uplifting words when you need them the most. Whether you are a woman of God in need of a spiritual lift, or even if you don't have faith in God. I hope this place will inspire you, uplift you and encourage you to draw close to the only one who can help us in times of need.

A Ministry for the Feminine Culture

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October 16, 2021


  take control of



You may have reached an apex of unhappiness.  Life felt unbearable and emotionally uncomfortable like you literally can not stand to be in a quiet room by yourself without feeling inadequate, lonely, and sometimes deeply depressed. You may be exhausted from running away from yourself and masking the darkness with dysfunctional behavior.  Sassy believes every woman has their own personal version of this story at some point in her lifetime (whether it’s a small irritation or a life-altering catastrophe).  We are here to tell you that there's a new beautiful life after the storm.  It’s the darkest moments that show us who we really are.  However, before your truth can be revealed and you can begin to heal, you must decide to “Take Back Your Life”.  And this space was created to support you in doing so.  From this point on as you improve, a better life will follow you.



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